SuperNova and CKV Fabriek join forces. Museum opens its doors for schools.

SuperNova and the CKV Fabriek join forces and now make it possible for schools to visit SuperNova Experience.

First of all, this fun schoolproject consist of a tour through the museum, while we offer fun assignments and games to keep the kids entertained.

To add that extra layer to your visit, we offer the possibility to expand the program with the following workshops related to photography:
- Workshop smartphone photography
– Workshop light painting

In case you would like to add even more workshops by the CKV Fabriek,for example a complete day full of cultural activitiesthis is most definitely a possibility.

Discounts available when booking for large groups; as is the possibility to pay with the CJP Culturepass.

More information on the SuperNova Schoolproject can be found on this page. For questions, please contact the CKV Fabriek.