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Although plagiarism is not just words (it includes ideas, images, etc), paraphrasing/summarising is an important area to consider. Substituting words in a quotation with synonyms, rearranging the words in a quotation and changing the order of sentences are all examples of plagiarism if references are not provided. The main body of your extended essay or dissertation will probably include your methodology, the results of research, and your argument(s) based on your findings. Keep in mind that originality is key for first-class essays and refrain from simply summarising the arguments that are already available in the literature. Remember to keep the opinions of other scholars in mind, as this shows that you have done your research and that you are critically engaging with the question. A first-class essay is not descriptive and rather, is critical and well-focused. A descriptive essay will merely summarise and/or describe the key arguments of the essay, but a first-class essay will reflect on the available data by criticising or defending it.

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Our writers are competent and have various publications under their names. Many of them are professional researchers and have served in the practical field as well. You can get matched with expert psychology writers now by placing an order. Get your Psychology assignments to be perfectly crafted by the professionals who understand this subject deeply. Whether its psychology 101 assignments, diverse psychological research areas, or Need to purchase a psychology essay paper intricate topics like developmental impacts, barriers, cross-cultural effects, attributes, memory, and thinking, we have got you covered. We can handle from an essay to an in-depth dissertation on typical topics such as states of consciousness, intelligence and both conscious and unconscious phenomena. As your dedicated psychology assignment writer, we ensure success through journal article reviews and extra credit opportunities.

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The writers in our team have proficient degrees in psychology, which means they know the dynamics of the subject and understand how to approach its requirements. Our writers also maintain the highest standard of the quality in the write-up, so you won’t have to get it revised over and over again. This booklet guides you through how to plan concise 16 mark essays in a structured way for each sub topic on the specification for Biopsychology. No introductions or conclusions are needed for AQA Psychology – you can jump straight in with your key terms. It will ensure that you cover all areas of the syllabus in a systematic way to help you prepare for Psychology essays.

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Taking into account further facts about the study as well as broader research ideas, this section allows you to present counterpoints to some of the arguments raised so far, and try to balance the discussion. The most common way of structuring an essay is to base it around three parts — an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Furthermore, if you are willing to hire a pro in this branch, we can demonstrate physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Moreover, it includes researching prenatal stages to infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

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Some colleges and universities do make a claim to copyright in student work and ask students to agree to this when they enrol. Copyright is an Intellectual Property Right along with Trade Marks, Patents and Designs. UK copyright law is mainly set out in the Copyright, Design and Patents Act (1988), though this has been substantially amended by more recent Acts and European Copyright Directives that aim to harmonise copyright across the EU. If a fact is regarded as common knowledge, e.g. dates, events, (The Battle of Hastings was in 1066), you would not be expected to provide a reference. A PDF providing further guidance on writing science essays for tutorials is available to download.

Ensure that you reference your sources properly in the appropriate academic style and always cross-check with the essay criteria to ensure that you are adhering to university requirements. As a rule of thumb, you should always remember to convey your arguments in a professional and academic voice and ensure that your paper is well-balanced by considering opposing views. Furthermore, ensure that your paragraphs are clearly linked and that your argument shows progression, as you’ll achieve a higher grade for the clarity of your writing style.

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It’s a good idea to confirm the referencing style required for your essay so that you can become familiar with it. Properly referencing your essay will score you the points needed to move closer to gaining a first and more importantly, it will ensure that your work is not plagiarised. Remember that plagiarism is a very serious offence; a first-class essay should always clearly indicate the academic scholarship that has been used to formulate its arguments. Being well-informed about the marking criteria for your essay is an essential starting point for inching towards a first, however this is of no use if you don’t understand your essay question.

  • Always return to the question that the essay is asking and filter through the information you have collected by focusing on the data that is most relevant to what you are writing about.
  • It is a serious offence whether accidental and unintentional e.g. careless use of copying and pasting or intentional e.g. using essay writing services.
  • Ensure that you reference your sources properly in the appropriate academic style and always cross-check with the essay criteria to ensure that you are adhering to university requirements.
  • Our research paper writing services will help you with a list of topics on which to write a research proposal.
  • The effects of the surroundings on the mind of a person are studied in environmental psychology.

With the marking criteria in mind look at where you went well and what could be improved. Look at the top level and ask yourself what you could do to your essay to achieve it and then edit it where appropriate. After going through the available literature concerning your essay subject, it’s likely that you’ll form an opinion of your own based on the research available. Remember to keep the essay question in mind so that you can tailor your viewpoints and arguments to answering this. Present one idea at a time in a structured and coherent manner. This helps to build up your argument and will allow the marker to gain insight into your thought process and thus, your reasoning and logical thinking skills. Do you find writing the research paper a difficult and tedious task?

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Our experts cover these attributes comprehensively in your work, ensuring top-notch quality and a deep understanding of the subject matter. If you are asked to come up with suitable marketing strategies for a particular company or brand, we can do it for you by evaluating and understanding their consumers. We dig deep into their decision-making process and give you ways to improve products, services and marketing strategies. Students will need to buy both an A level year 1 and year 2 textbook (approx. £25 each). Comprehensive course booklets which include student notes and class activities are provided for each student via the intranet. At least one Revision conference is organised per year, it costs approximately £40 to attend.

  • The three videos below will guide you though installing Zotero, collecting references, and adding these references to your word document.
  • A first-class essay is one that is categorised by a grade of 70 per cent or higher, though in some institutions the minimum requirement is 75 per cent.
  • We’ve put them together into an easy-to-read (and follow) list; read on to familiarise yourself with them.
  • In a short essay, three paragraphs might work well, but in longer essays, each of these parts will need to be expanded further.

It’s imperative that you put considerable thought into choosing your essay question – don’t just pick a question because you are familiar with the topic or because it ‘sounds interesting’. Of course, this will ensure that you are genuinely interested in your essay question, but there are other important factors to consider as well. Avoid questions that are too broad as it increases the likelihood that you’ll steer off topic, reducing your chances of getting a first.

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For example, the first draft of your introduction should set out your argument, the information you have, and your methods, and it should give a structure to the chapters and sections you will write. Your introduction will probably change as time goes on but it will stand as a guide to your entire extended essay or dissertation and it will help you to keep focused. Now that you have the basic structure of your essay in place, it’s worth emphasising that your writing style is fundamental to achieving a first-class grade. A first-class essay makes use of a writing style that engages the reader, that uses appropriate technical terms (to demonstrate knowledge of the subject) and that makes use of appropriate academic terminology.

A first-class essay will demonstrate a high level of originality that is linked with critical reasoning skills. Yes, it’s important to be conversant with the literature, however, you also need to demonstrate your own ability to think both critically and independently. Remember to always have a well-thought-out and original argument.