Nearby money is the Colombian peso (COP$)

Nearby money is the Colombian peso (COP$)

  • Hillcrest centro comercial , Calle 33 No 43 sixteen ( on crossroad out of Las Palmas, Avenida Oriental, Avenida North park and you will calle 33 ), ? +57 cuatro 262 0105 . The original shopping center produced in Colombia more than 3 decades before has been a good spot to walking, consume not forgetting store. Discover a beneficial charges for world-class gift suggestions.
  • Retailer Mayorca is actually truly linked to a Location station and now have enjoys an excellent movieplex. Town Itagui.
  • Premium Plaza ( Centro comercial ), Carrera 43 A thirty – twenty five , ? +57 34 448 70 71 , . 10AM – 10PM . Premium Retail complex has more 115,000 m?, with step 1,427 tissue free parking, more than 350 stores to choose from entertainment, shopping, highest economic functions four banks, movie theaters inside the 35mm and three dimensional forms, gymnasium, activities park, a couple of squares out of food, the biggest casino in town and you can man-made basketball process of law.
  • Monterrey ( Centro comercial ), Cra. forty eight #10-forty five . dos prevents regarding Poblado urban area channel. It shopping center is the place to choose some thing desktop or phone related. Of many small sites attempting to sell every a style of electronic equipment and you may jewelry. There is also an excellent 5-monitor movie theatre contained in this mall and a salon offering sophisticated massage treatments (shop #126).
  • Santa Fe centro comercial , Cra 43 A # eight sur – 170 ( Av El Poblado & Loma los Balsos, 300 mts southern off Oviedo ), ? +57 cuatro 460 0737 , . 10AM – 9PM, dining and you can Jumbo up until 11PM . Brand new mall open . 5 quantities of hunting, recreation, and you will eating.

Places change

  • Having leather-based merchandise for ladies see Bon-Bonite that have 10 towns in town. Has of several handbags within the fabric and cultural information, in addition to shoes and you will jewellery. In very shopping malls.
  • Sneakers, there can be of a lot names while the Calzatodo, Mercedes Campuzano, Mussi or you need sneakers jewelry Pura+.
  • Lingerie, for males and you can feminine, abound and variety is very good. Women: Leonisa, Tania [dry hook] . Men: Unico, Punto Blanco, Bronzini, GEF, NrgyBlast. Babies: Child New, Beybies. In most biggest department stores.

Money modify

It is strongly recommended to utilize the actual change on the cab, given that people scarcely have the specific number. You dollars and you will euros are scarcely put, except for customers based locations.

Automatic teller machine constraints: ATMs strictly limitation distributions on the international and you may residential notes. You can even just be able to get aside Policeman$1.8 million a-day, therefore propose to look at the Automatic teller machine will otherwise look around for an even more relaxed maximum. There are 5 big global banking companies which have regional practices, in the event that by accident you own a cards of any of those finance companies the prices are usually lower (Citibank, HSBC, RBS, Santander and you may BBVA). The most significant Colombian lender are Bancolombia with ATMs almost everywhere.

When withdrawing funds from an atm it is very advisable to avoid people found on avenue to own defense intentions. It is suggested so you’re able to withdraw regarding ATMs to the shopping malls. Ensure not to just take a taxi cab straight after withdrawing, this isn’t strange for all those as accompanied away and you can mugged soon after and come up with a detachment. Be looking to make certain you are not observed. If you intend to help you withdraw a significant amount of money, experts recommend to ask the police to escort you (free-of-charge).

Eat revise

For example: sancocho de gallina (chicken soup), carne dentro de polvo (crushed meat), arepas de choclo (fresh corn tortillas), empanadas (meat-occupied deep-fried turnovers), aji (hot sauce), ajiaco (Bogota’s poultry and you will potato soups), bandeja paisa, natilla, bunuelos (deep-fried parmesan cheese puffs), hojuelas (fried smoke squares), rice having coconut, Antioquian kidney beans, sobrebarriga (flank steak) mantecada (bun made with lard), papas chorreadas, pandeyuca (yucca money) and you may carne desmechada (shredded chicken).